Large-Scale Events

Festivals, Sports Events, Concerts and More

Vanajanlinna Catering specialises in high-quality events across Finland. Over the years we have amassed significant experience of large-scale public events.

Large-scale events call for genuine expertise
All large public events are unique and providing a catering service for them calls for careful planning. The choice of marquees, equipment, restaurant facilities as well as staffing levels must all be meticulously thought out. Seamless partnerships with suppliers are an absolute must.

Developing a thorough understanding of the location and nature of the event is of the utmost importance to the successful planning of the catering service. It allows us to deliver consistently higher levels of customer satisfaction, particularly for audiences who expect to be served more than just pints and burgers.

At your service
With the expertise of Vanajanlinna Group’s dedicated and highly professional staff at your service, we can guarantee that no event is too big for us. Get in touch and we can begin planning your event together.

Recent references on large-scale public events:

  • Ice Hockey World Championships 2013, Hartwall Arena, Helsinki:
    • over 56.000 customers
  • Neste Rally, Jyväskylä:
    • over 3.000 customers
  • Likkojen Lenkki, running event in Tampere:
    • over 4.500 customers